9am-3pm, Coolman St & Markette Lane

A unique country market featuring handcrafted wares, local arts & crafts, foods & preserves, in a delightful garden setting. We have a rich and talented community of artisans and makers in the Northern Rivers, and we enjoy promoting and celebrating local creative industries as our market grows and evolves. Tyalgum Village Market is on the last Saturday of the month and is a Rain or Shine market.

Tyalgum Village Market – Facebook

Tastes of Tyalgum – Wine Tasting
Friday 16 December, 3-6pm @ Tuscany in Tyalgum
(in Flutterbies Cafe’s back garden)

Spend Friday afternoons tasting some natural wines and enjoying some nibbles at the Tuscany in Tyalgum store at the rear of Flutterbies garden.
It’s a perfect way to start the afternoon leading into Flutterbucks Friday pizza night starting at 6pm.

All our Cafes, Bars & Retailers are open
Enjoy wonderful food & drink in Tyalgum during the holiday period.
Escape the rush and bring your family and friends to Tyalgum for a wonderful dining experience.
Try a high tea at Flutterbies, a cocktail at the Gin bar, hand-made pastries at the Bakehouse, a range of freshly cooked and pre-prepared food at the Tyalgum General Store, and lunch or dinner at the Tyalgum Hotel.

Live Music, Gin Bar, Black Hops Beer Bar & Pizza made from scratch

Flutterbucks Pizza Night
Every Friday Night, 6:00-9:30pm

Flutterbucks Pizza Night is one of the standout evenings in Tyalgum Village. Excellent live music, a Gin Bar featuring a range of local and imported gins & champagne, the Black Hops Beer Bar and Pizzas made from scratch with only the finest ingredients, take-aways available.

Flutterbucks Pizza – FacebookWebsite

Friday 12 August, 6:30-9pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

Luke’s songwriting is a natural extension of his life. He sings all the shades from joy to sorrow. His songs express the richness of life, personal relationships, our connection with each other, the sea and environment. He plays guitar with great precision and aesthetic feel, Soaring lead solos and great grooves.
Luke Bennett – FacebookYouTube

1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel
2-Sweet’ features power-house vocalist, Ivan Fisher, one of Queensland’s (his adopted home) top vocalists. To put it simply, Ivan is a world-class vocalist! Where ever, and whenever he sings, audiences are absolutely taken aback by the sheer quality of his voice! The repertoire on offer is extensive, covering Jazz, Soul, Neo Soul, Blues, R&B, Reggae, Funk & more. 2-Sweet pay the ultimate tribute to their biggest influences including artists such as Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Elton John, Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Van Morrison, Al Jarreau, AL Green, Otis Redding, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra & many more.

11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

Adam’s music paints pictures of peaceful coastal living through heartfelt performances and lyrical integrity. With a soaring vocal range and complex acoustic guitar style, Adams songs are soothing, heartbreaking and powerful.

Adam Harpaz – FacebookYouTube


11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

Alex Tilley is one half of the awesome acoustic duo Phil & Tilley.

Alex sings and plays guitar mixing originals and covers with his own unique style.

Alex Tilley – Facebook


7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Sensational acoustic duo playing all your favourite hits.

Average Joes Duo

7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Mr Troy and Tommo team up to perform all the classics by the legendary artists of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.. Keeping it raw with guitar, foot percussion and some harmonica thrown in from time to time.



7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

First class performer with several recorded releases. Famous as the voice of ‘McLeods daughers’. Bec has an incredible talent in being able to read a room. From intimate wedding ceremonies, to Pub rock at midnight on a Friday, she has you covered! A reminiscent blend of hits from the 60’s to now, and a beautiful blend of her original tracks that are always well received. Bec is sure to make any space a special and unforgettable event.


6:30-9:30pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

Laden with a down to earth honesty and a healthy sense of humour, Bill’s songs are an eclectic amalgamation of swamp/roots, alternative county and hillbilly funk. As a solo artist, singer songwriter Bill Jacobi has embraced the role of multi-instrumentalist and one-man band.

Using foot percussion, lap slide, open tuned guitar and banjo, Bill has developed his own take on the roots, folk and alt country genres.

Bill Jacobi – FacebookWebsite

11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe
Brad’s country music passion persuaded him to sell his beloved HJ Holden Sandman ute so he could purchase his Maton guitar. Brad wrote a song about the deal, took the song to Tamworth, and to date has continued his passion making three country music albums. Some of Brads highlights include: being a Tooheys Talent Quest and Drover Music Fanland Star Search Award winner, Tamworth Starmaker grand finalist, performing at several Festivals and touring extensively as “The Big Bopper” in the stage show ‘Memories of Buddy Holly’. More recently, Brad spent many years as a lead performer on the Gold Coast at The Australian Outback Spectacular. Brad looks forward to sharing his love and passion as he continues making tracks in music.


7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Brad is a solo acoustic guitarist / singer from the Gold Coast and has played in the Gold Coast & Brisbane music scene for over 30 years. Up until 5 years ago Brad had mostly fronted bands but made the decision to strip it back and go solo, resulting in an entertaining collection of hits, pub classics and forgotten 1 hit wonders spanning back to the 60s. No backing tracks, just Brad and a guitar (and maybe a couple of basic loops).


6:30-9:30pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

Brad Sims plays a range of eclectic and popular songs. His style ranges from sensitive to sensational, drawing the audience in with unique interpretations, guitar finesse and an engaging performance. 

He plays a wide range of genres from folk to jazz to country to pop. Very popular with the local audience here in Tyalgum.

Brad Sims – FacebookVimeo


1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Brad Sims plays some classic tunes with a great rock groove style and strong voice that brings music to life. Mixing both acoustic & electric sounds his styles range from the delicate to the dramatic. Playing songs from the classic rock & acoustic era, some of the best of the new, and some sensational musical interpretations.


1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Rustic, raw and random. One man and an acoustic guitar. Come and check out Brett Gannon at Tyalgum Hotel’s Sunday Session.

Brett Gannon – Facebook


1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Sensational young guys whose talent far surpasses their years bring their exciting show to Tyalgum this weekend.

Plenty of classic songs executed with real skill. Come along and support this excellent young duo.



1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Classic songs by a great male/female duo: Amy Winehouse, Dolly Parton, Van Morrison, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Carpenters, Motown and more. A large mix of everything which gets everyone singing!


6:40pm start @ Tyalgum Hall

What is Vocal Toning? Research shows that our voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument! Vocal toning is where we create vocal sounds to facilitate the healing process. These sounds can resonate with our physical and energy bodies. During this session we use ‘vowel’ sounds along with the 7 chakra crystal singing bowls. There is no language or words to use so it is accessible to all. You do not need to be able to sing, just make the vocal vowel sound. We can direct these vowel sounds to different energy centres in the body which can bring balance and healing to that area. This is a safe environment for you to use your voice with no judgement.


1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Chrisc is a solo cover artist, singing popular classic songs from 60’s onwards. Bringing you a selection of chart hitting favourites from Fleetwood Mac, Divinyls, REM, Chris Isaac, Tina Turner, Shania Twain, ABBA, Beatles, Pat Benetar, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Miley Cyrus, Meghan Trainor, and many more. ​


7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Col Germano is well known as the lead singer for famous Byron Bay rockers Bourbon Street. Col also performs solo with all the style, experience and quality you’d expect from someone who’s been rocking pubs since the late 80s.


4-7pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Dave Cavanagh is a thoroughly well seasoned experienced musician having played so many gigs it’s impossible to count and recording many releases. Expect songs by Johnny Cash, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Beatles, The Eagles, Credence, Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Chisel, Angels, Mental as Anything and more, and styles from Blues, Folk and Country to Rock’n’Roll. There’s also a bunch of fine original songs in the mix. Dave has supported Bob Geldof, Tommy Emmanual, Billy Thorpe, Cold Chisel, Kevin Borich & more.


6:30-9:30pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza
Day of Embers is a duo of Celtic and gypsy rhythms interlaced with age-old tales of loss, survival and justice. Combining the multi-instrumental talents of singer-songwriters, Welshman Daryl James, and Dawn, a bewitching vocalist of Canadian, Irish and Indian descent, DoE weaves spectacular harmonies with banjo, autoharp, tin whistle, guitar and mandolin.

@ Tyalgum Hotel

Great Rock Covers Duo combining the talents of two compelling vocalists in Debi Martin and Brad Buckley. Distraction play an awesome mix of mainstream rock and popular covers from the 70s to now. This entertaining duo has undeniable chemistry on stage and off, connecting with audiences. Performing well known hits from The Eagles, Missy Higgins, powerhouse rock songs by Cold Chisel, The Choirboys, and belting out hits from the ‘Rock Chicks’ such as Pink, Melissa Etheridge, Pat Benatar and The Divinyls, Distraction always has audiences hanging out to see which song comes next.

Friday 23 September, 7-9pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

Beautiful acoustic personal music.
“As an indie-folk-electronic producer and singer-songwriter, I create music because it makes me feel alive. Late to the game, I have been making up for lost time by immersing myself in the world of song-writing and music production.”

Emily Toner – FacebookWebsiteYouTube

6-10pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

Famous Will is a Folk / Country singer-songwriter & story teller. In 2016, Will quit his job, left Melbourne and took his music around Australia with merely a campervan, a guitar & his happy-go-lucky nature. Fuelling this trip solely through playing gigs & festivals, Will’s taking his music to people the old school Aussie way, playing gigs in every town & city that cross his path.

Famous Will – FacebookYouTube

Saturday 4 February, 7-10pm
@ Tyalgum Hotel
Two experienced and talented local musicians playing all your favourite tunes.


7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Hashimoto’s Cactus hatched their music from a core of simple, yet complex, melody and rhythm. Featuring Stephen Lovelight, Michael DiCecco – the finger licking man on drums, and Hans Lovejoy – the super hands behind the bass.


7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Hayden John is a solo singer/acoustic guitarist with an extensive repertoire of over 130 covers from a wide variety of styles, eras and tastes. His ability to read a crowd and play the songs that fit makes him ideal for any situation or setting. Hayden prides himself on his professionalism and reliability and ensuring that your event or occasion is everything you hoped for and more.

Hayden John – FacebookWebsite

2-5pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Hayley Grace is a multi-talented, Australian Singer Songwriter with that something special. Her soulful unmistakable sound and her energetic live shows looping guitar, vocals, beat boxing and percussion are an explosion of Funk, Reggae, Soul, RnB and Trip Hop. Hayley also performs regularly with her live funk band as Hayley Grace and the Bay Collective.


1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Jaiid Duo are two experienced musicians and when paired together, help to create a fun carefree atmosphere through their cheerful tunes.

They incorporate multiple genres to please everyone’s taste. Expect to hear tunes built up with guitars, vocals, percussion, and a tempting beat that will get you up out of your seat.


11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

James started performing semi-professionally at age 14, and performed at weddings and parties while studying his craft at university, until his professional career as a touring and performing musician began in earnest when he was 19.​ He has now performed at every major function centre in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, and just about everywhere in between. He’s travelled around the world and performed on stage with some of the greats, and, thousands of gigs later, still loves nothing more than performing live.



1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Jason Kafoa’s deep resonant voice, slide guitar skill and rock style makes him a real crowd pleaser. Always popular with the locals here at Tyalgum.

Jason Kafoa – FacebookYouTube

11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

Originally from Melbourne Joe Conroy has recorded several original releases and has since moved to the Northern Rivers. He now regularly plays from Byron to the Gold Coast. Expect a smooth jazz and funk inspired sound.

Facebook – Bandcamp

4-6pm @ Flutterbies Cafe
Sounds till Sundown Sessions – Tapas & Gin

Jorge is a Spanish guitar virtuoso, he sings and plays a wide range of songs from the Latin, Jazz & Bossa Nova songbooks.

Jorge Pereira – Facebook

6:30-9:30pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

Josh is known for his smooth and easy listening sound that is also very catchy & captivating. His unique stylistic melodies tell stories of love, struggles, relationships, hope and faith and are often an expression of both his personal life and observations of the world around him. Josh’s songwriting weaves a clever lyrical thread and sound that expresses the big and small, the shallow and deep, head and heart, soul and spirit, you and me.


1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Justin Jones is one half of the Sensational ‘Average Joes’ acoustic duo playing all your favourite hits.

Average Joes Duo

1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Keegan Sparke plays a folky, coastal blues sound with influences from Jack Johnson, Xavier Rudd, Vance Joy and Bob Marley. He is a ‘one-man-band’, playing guitar, harmonica, tambourine, cajon (wooden box drum) and singing. He can spark energy and excitement in audiences with foot stomping beats, or calm a crowd with a soulful ballad. Keegan plays a versatile musical repertoire of originals and covers traversing the decades, and covering a variety of genres with a healthy mix of old, new and in-between.



1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Kelly Penney loves all music and expresses all aspects of his musical influences when he plays and sings. Heavily rooted in blues, jazz, RnB, funk and soul, Penney’s distinctive interpretations of classic songs will leave you skipping away the rest of your day.



11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

Beautiful male and female acoustic duo.

Superb vocal harmonies and soulful music.



11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe
Leigh sings and plays guitar, stomp box and loops with taste, developed by a lifelong love of melodic music be it pop, blues, jazz or folk. Four Dolphin Awards to his credit, for Funk, Pop, Gospel, and Country, and recently highly commended in the 2011 International Songwriting Competion for his song Make Peace. Leigh has shared the stage with Shane Howard, Kate Ceberano, The Black Sorrows, Renee Geyer, Marcia Hines and Brian Cadd to name a few! 3 original CDs to his name, Leigh also has a vast repertoire of covers, dinner to dance, played with taste and a style all his own, honed in restaurants, bars, cruise ships and at countless weddings all over oz.
Leigh James – FacebookWebsite

Leigh James & Elizabeth Lord
10am-1pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

For The Love Of Song. Come share the joy of music making with Leigh and Elizabeth as they ‘genre hop’ around the globe to celebrate Music Day… Explore with them the music of singer-songwriters: Carole King, James Taylor, Paul Simon, African Beats and Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba without leaving the wintersun jewel in the tweed caldera crown of Tyalgum!
Leigh James – FacebookWebsite

Life Is A Myth
6-10pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

Bringing you his own brand of tropical grooves, Life Is A Myth is the solo project from Gold Coast musician Liam Kirk. Proving to be one of the most unique pianists and producers in the area, LIAM aims to create interesting music with good vibes.

Life Is A Myth

Live over Lunch
Sunday 27 November, 12-3pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

Every Sunday Flutterbies Cafe is host to some of the best local musicians. Flutterbies full menu is available and there’s a range of made from scratch French Pastries from the Tyalgum Bakehouse. The Gin bar and the Black Hops bar are also both open. Our Sunday live music sessions are a true treat for your senses. Performers to be announced, please check here later in the week for more information.

Sunday 4 December, 12-3pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

Heart-warming, soul enriching and uplifting acoustic grooves with this outstanding singer/songwriter. Loren sings about community, experiencing the desert, connection to nature, love and the big questions of life. He has several releases, all of which are exceptional.

Loren Jemahli – YouTubeAmuse

@ Flutterbucks Pizza

Luke’s songwriting is a natural extension of his life. He sings all the shades from joy to sorrow. His songs express the richness of life, personal relationships, our connection with each other, the sea and environment.

Luke plays guitar with great precision and aesthetic feel, Soaring lead solos and great grooves.

Luke Bennett – FacebookYouTube

11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

Folk, World, Jungle, Jazz, Pop. Luna Junction offers an eclectic extravaganza of fun. Weaving a colourful tapestry of traditional and original music. Incorporating brass, flutes, guitars, viola, double bass, percussion and more, this dynamic musical troupe playfully juggle genres, instruments and influences. Jovial and joyous with undertones of nonsense, Luna Junction’s playful live show has been handcrafted in local cafes, bars and marketplaces, establishing a distinctively broad repertoire and a strong and varied following of devoted supporters.


11am-2pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

Mattie is an award-winning musician who has crafted a unique, therapeutic and invigorating approach to healing through music – “Music brings us all a deep connection to ourselves, and it can unhinge the gate that keeps freedom out”. Having performed in several bands and playing a range of genres Mattie now loves to truly immerse and pull others into a musical world of deep release, helping all humans to develop a positive and joyful approach to life through music.



4-7pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Mel Scarlett has one of those soulful and sassy voices that bleeds like a sunset and grinds like a rusty wagon wheel. This raw and earthy soul sister belts out an incredible repertoire of music that will have you tapping your toes from beginning to end.

Mel Scarlett

Michael Johnson
Friday 20 January @ Tyalgum Hotel

Be entertained by Michael Johnson with guitar, piano and powerhouse vocals performing covers and originals – going to be a great night!

Michael Johnson


7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Great Father & Son duo playing favourites from the Shadows to Pink Floyd, Keith Urban to Stevie Ray Vaughn.


7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel
Mr Troy puts his own twist on the legendary music of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. He likes to keep it raw with guitar, foot percussion and some harmonica thrown in from time to time. However it’s his strong distinctive vocals that make him a regular on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers circuit. There’s a bit of something for everyone when you catch one of his performances. Blues, classic hits, country, folk, reggae and even a few heart felt originals.
Mr Troy – Facebook – YouTube

Murray Kyle
1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel
From a life rich in musical pilgrimage, comes the auditory download of Murray Kyle. This mystic troubadour has built a dedicated international fan base from 15 years of grass roots touring all over the world. His live performances of heart medicine and Earth honouring songs, successfully blend conscious lyrics and authentic intention with a well produced sound. The inner world of this profound artist comes alive on stage spanning Shamanic Soul, Conscious Roots, World, and Sacred Music genres. A prolific songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and sound engineer, Murray has released multiple self produced studio albums over the last decade, grounded in unity consciousness, and dedicated to the re-awakening of the beauty way. His journey in the worldwide heart music network, has led to studio and live collaborations with artists such as Rising Appalachia, Nessi Gomes, Tina Malia, Trevor Hall, Elijah Ray, Peia, Shimshai, and many more. This is contagious soul restoring music that will sweep you off your feet, out of your head, and into your heart.


1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Wonderful male & female duo, great songs and vocal harmonies.



Hosted by the Average Joes

6:30-9:30pm @ Tyalgum Hotel
(Always on the fourth Thursday of the month)

Bring along your instruments & voices. Full PA supplied. BYO amps & instruments. Open to all performers, regardless of experience or age.

1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel
Ollie is a Singer-Songwriter playing guitar-based pop/rock tunes with 7 singles released since 2020. “Hollow” is his current release following from his recent pop punk singles “Neverland” and “Silk Dress”. Expect a load of your favourite songs and some great originals this Sunday at Tyalgum Hotel.
Ollie Twohill – FacebookInstagramWebsiteYouTube

6:30-9:00pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza
Lap slide guitarist and roots troubadour Pat Tierney brings an eclectic and captivating musical experience to everything he touches. Pat’s music dances between folk, blues, roots and soul, taking influence from the likes of Neil Young, JJ Cale and Ben Harper. A true songwriter and poet, Pat brings an old school approach with modern tales of love, loss, hope and social justice. Pat’s latest single ‘Angels’ showcases the depth and clarity to Pat’s sound, blending dreamy slide guitar with a haunting melody and evocative lyrics.
Pat Tierney – FacebookWebsiteYouTube


SATURDAY 27 August, 9am-12pm @ Celestial Dew Guesthouse

Phil and Tilley play a blend of alternative acoustic/folk music incorporating some really creative ideas, using a slide guitar, a traditional acoustic guitar and an unusual, fold-up-for-travel, upright bass, creating a sound that is uniquely their own.

Phil & Tilley – FacebookWebsiteYouTube

Philip Griffin
Sunday 10 July, 11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

Elizabethan Lute musical performance by the talented Philip Griffin.

11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

Phil Howell is one half of the sensational duo Phil & Tilley.

Performing solo for Flutterbucks Phil plays a creative blend of alternative acoustic/folk music, using several guitar sounds Phil creates a sound uniquely his own.

Phil Howell – FacebookWebsiteYouTube

1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Brett Healey & Jimmy Dee make up Rewind.

These 2 well known local musicians take you back to the 70s, when music was at its best.


10am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe
Rex Miller is a Country artist covering songs of Texas legends, Kris Kristofferson, Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell, Delbert McClinton, Townes Van Zandt, and others like John Prine. Their songs appeal to young and old and their music set the pattern and popularity for the Alternate Country genre. Rex plays a unique collection of songs that have not been over-done. In recent years Rex played at Tamworth CMF, was recognized by Glenn A Baker as one of the best unknowns, he was a finalist in the Capital Country Talent Quest and performed at Mudgeeraba Muster, the Broadbeach Country Music festival, and busking on the streets of the Tamworth and Country music clubs from Ballina to Brisbane.

10am-1pm @ Markette Lane

Robert is a superb instrumentalist playing Latin, Jazz & contemporary pieces, with improvisation and multi-layered musical explorations.

Enjoy this virtuoso talent over lunch in Markette Lane.

6:30-9:30pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

Rusty Pickups are Michael Cook, Lee Fielding, Ayden Roberts and Waylon Katz. A Country & Americana ensemble from the Darling Downs in Queensland, Rusty Pickups showcase a traditional down home classic country-folk sound with splashes of river boat keys, melodic clawhammer banjo, rolling upright bass, and charming acoustic guitar that set the scene for classic story-telling vocals, memorable songs and four part harmonies driving it all home.



4-7pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Playing songs from the 60s to today, including Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Nickelback, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Pink, Foo Fighters, Jet, kings of Leon, ACDC, Cold Chisel, Melissa Etheridge, Metallica, Rick Springfield, The Screaming Jets, The Living End, just to name a few.


6:40-8:15pm @ Marigold Cottage
You are invited to join us for a Sound Bath for relaxation and healing. Gift yourself the time and space to disconnect from the outside world. Come and lay down, close your eyes, relax and enjoy being bathed in the beautiful sounds and healing frequencies from a range of instruments such as koshi chimes, medicine drum, wind gong, tibetan singing bowls, Crystal singing bowls (8), rain stick, chimes, and harmonic whirlies. Deep relaxation is the most significant benefit of sound healing, followed by its energetic deep tissue massage effect caused by the sound vibrations that open, clear, and balance the chakras, whilst releasing stuck energy. Ultimately, a sound bath supports our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, leaving us feeling balanced and refreshed. Everyone’s experience is different, and new things may emerge in each sound journey session. Most people feel very relaxed and peaceful during sound healing, often falling asleep, whereas some may have visualisations & receive downloads. Bookings are essential. Limited to 8 spots available. This is an Adults only event.


7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Stephen Lovelight is a long-term member of the Round Mountain Girls but is a soloist in his own right. Performing a range of styles from folk, rock to the greats of the Mississipi blues, Stephen is a talented and gifted musician.



1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

A multi-talented 5-piece band featuring 5 vocalists and covering a full range of country music, 60s to 90s pop, and old time rock n roll. The band line up includes: Drums, bass, 2 lead guitarists, pedal steel guitar, harmonica and vocals.


Sunday Lemonade
FRIDAY 26 August, 7-9pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

After meeting in 2018 at a bootleg bar, Tys & Loz of Sunday Lemonade ran away like Bonnie & Clyde stealing smiles while spreading their infectious joy, feel good melodies and high-energy performance all across Australia. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds & influences, the pair create something fresh and optimistic. Spending time with the Lemons, you can expect to feel uplifted through songs, honest stories and plenty of laughter.

Sunday Lemonade – FacebookWebsiteYouTube


1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Soulful, smooth and entertaining. Taylah performs all your favourite hits from the 80s to now. Jazz style dinner music to party tunes Taylah has it covered.


Tahlia Janetzki
Saturday 3 December, 12-2pm @ The Piano Room

Beautiful solo piano played by an exceptionally talented local pianist on our baby grand piano. Enjoy lunch in our exquisite piano room, fully air-conditioned for your comfort, with this outstanding young musician.

Tahlia Matheson
Sunday 24 July, 1-4pm @ Tyalgum Hotel
Tahlia Matheson began singing and writing her own songs at 8yo. At just 16, Tahlia played the Tamworth Country Music Festival where she fell in love with country music, later the same year she played at Byron Bay Blues Festival. She now performs at both festivals each year as well as gigs across Northern NSW and South East QLD.
Tahlia Matheson – Facebook – YouTube

7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel
Singer Songwriter TEAK was born and raised in Northern NSW. Country Music has always been at the heart of her music.  Growing up on a family farm with a musical family from an early age Teak knew she would be performing on stages around Australia.  She was a top twelve finalist on the Voice Australia in 2015 and has performed at festivals such as the Groundwater Country Music Festival, the Gympie Muster, and Tamworth Country Music Festival.  Her highlights have been touring with PBR Australia and winning the world wide Fender Player Plus Competition in 2021. Teak has travelled worldwide for songwriting to places such as Nashville and Stockholm.  Teak is currently based back in the Northern Rivers where she was raised playing live and local events.

The Big Blue
6-10pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

The Big Blue are an acoustic duo with male and female vocals playing both covers and originals. The Big Blue sound like a cross between Neil Young and Lucinda Williams, laid back, authentic, melodic and easy listening.

The Big Blue – FacebookSoundcloud

6-10pm @ Flutterbucks Pizza

Twin brothers James and Thomas are an acoustic duo featuring acoustic guitar & violin. Beautiful vocal harmonies and a great choice of songs.

The Fern Brothers – FacebookWebsiteYouTube


Beautiful and epic music with an organic, Celtic-inflected lilt of vocals and melody, combining with progressive lyrical wisdom to invite positive change. Four part vocal harmonies, cello, banjo, mandolin, guitar, stomp and bodhran drum come together to collect your hearts. See this band once and you’re forever a fan.
The Heart Collectors – FacebookWebsiteYouTube

The Hustler & The Soundmen
7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

Five well seasoned musicians and great friends team up to form a first class party band. Featuring Debbie Martin & Brad Buckley from Distraction this band rocks and brings the party to life from start to finish. 



7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel

The Whiskeys are a heavy blues & rock explosion from Byron Bay. Two young bloods playing with old soul to get your groove on.

The Whiskeys

11am-2pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

A highly versatile and professional duo, that’s also husband and wife team
Brenda-Lee and Scott have both spent their lives in the music industry. Scott has toured with Boz Scaggs, Dan Fogelberg, Randy Meisner (the Eagles), Albert Collins and more. He is also a composer, with 80 episodes of music for ‘The Crocodile Hunter’. Brenda-Lee has played in concert brass bands, top 40 bands through the 80s and 90s, to a more country influence in the 90s and later. She’s an accomplished songwriter, with songs recorded by artists The Wolverines, Bobby Cash, Fergal Flaherty. Brenda also performed as Stevie Nicks, in the Australian Fleetwood Mac tribute show. Toucan Twango has Brenda-Lee on lead vocal and acoustic guitar accompaniment, with Scott on backing vocal/harmony and lead guitar. Musically they cover country, country rock, general easy listening music, old standard rock and a good amount of 60’s/70’s hippy era tune.

7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel
The straight talking, hip swinging, raw and raunchy blues of the Trombone Kellie Gang has proven to get the tiredest feet moving. Fronted by the infamous Trombone Kellie, whose gutsy vocal delivery and roots blues trombone playing feature alongside the ripping slide guitar of Scrubby Pete and the tasty rhythm section of Justin Pfeiffer (double bass) and Toby Baron (drums). This band as a three to five piece outfit have the perfect recipe for raucous Street Blues, made for the people and delivered with relish. They are Old School authentic, yet exciting, fresh and totally entertaining, featuring predominately Delta Swing and Country Blues styles, they’ve become a big hit with the the Jazz & Blues clubs from The Northern Rivers to The Sunshine Coast.

7-10pm @ Tyalgum Hotel
With her mighty fine pick of talented collaborations, Trombone Kelly can put together a show to suit all manner of shin digs. She can flirt it up with wayfaring song lists of covers and originals, showcasing country, blues, rock, folk, jazz, soul, western swing, rockabilly and more. Soulful vocal harmonies to soothe the savage beast, adventurous acoustic guitars to woozy the spirit, strangely sexy blues / melodic trombone, not for the faint hearted. Embellishing the sound with percussion and often added instruments, a surprise package! All with a gut full of energy that’ll get the blood flowing, good ol’ entertainment that will tickle a fancy or few. T-Bone Kellie & Co, feel free to roam the many ebbs and flows that is the beauty and wonder of live music!

Garden of Light Spring tours
Phone:  0488 713 241        Email:  flutterbiesgardentours@gmail.com
Runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays (weather permitting)

The spectacular Garden of Light is wonder of many gardens on one property, including a Cottage Garden, Tuscan Garden, Wisteria Arbours, the lily shrouded pond and hillside woodlands of the Butchart and Monet inspired gardens, a Secret Garden, an Angel Walk; along with vegetable, fruit and herb gardens.  

This beautiful property, spreading over 25 acres, has been 22 years in the making. This fertile garden is constantly evolving and an ever changing canvas. The Garden houses Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary – where we take in animals that need a home. Meeting all of the animals is also a part of the flow of our garden tour. There is also a small farm shop, where products are made and sold from the organic yields of The Garden. All funds raised go to support the animals sanctuary and the garden.

The Garden Tours are offered in association with Flutterbies Cottage Café. Enjoy a Devonshire Tea, add a Champagne Two Course Lunch or 90 minute garden picnic with your own picnic baskets.

Garden of Light

Chantilly Lace Fashion Show

Saturday 29 October, 3-4pm @ Flutterbies Cafe

View all the latest fashions from Chantilly Lace Boutique at a Fashion Show held immediately following the monthly market.

Enjoy the flash of colour & style, take advantage of a show special and stay for Sounds till Sundown with live music & tapas.

Chantilly Lace Boutique

Flutterbies Christmas Shop
This year there are TWO rooms dedicated to Christmas:

The Christmas High Tea room
& The Pink Christmas room

Come in and browse for that perfect Christmas gift or book a high tea for someone special. Or, just browse and soak up the festive spirit.

Flutterbies Christmas Shop
Grand Opening

Saturday 5 November

Every year Flutterbies Cafe transforms the room at the front of their cafe into the most exquisite Christmas gift store.

The opening of the Christmas store is always something special and is celebrated as the start of the Christmas season. The store itself is resplendent with Angels, Santa, Reindeer, Candy and all sorts of gifts & toys to delight the senses.

Tyalgum Retailers open 7 days until Christmas

Leave the chain-stores behind and come to an authentic country village where there’s a dozen boutique stores crammed with quality goods tastefully chosen. Here’s a quick list of what you can find here:
Jewellery & gifts @ Enclume Jewellery
Fashion & gifts @ Paddington of Tyalgum
Eco and environmental goods @ Earth Heartbeat
A nursery @ The Garden Shed & Tyalgum General Store
Art & gifts @ Tuscany in Tyalgum & the Love Shack
Furniture upcycling @ Somewhere in the Sunshine
Gifts and garden supplies @ the Garden of Light shop
Books & vinyl records @ the Sacred Grove Bookshop
You can also indulge yourself in some of the great food & drink available at Flutterbies Cafe, Tyalgum General Store, Tyalgum Hotel and the Tyalgum Bakehouse.

Make Music Weekend Program

FRIDAY 24 June
Flutterbucks Pizza, 6:30-9pm

Flutterbies Cafe, 10am-1pm
Markette Lane, 10am-2pm

The Winter Garden concert:

Garden of Light, 2-4pm
Garden of Light, 1-2pm

SUNDAY 26 June
Flutterbies Cafe, 10am-1pm
Markette Lane, 10am-1pm
Flutterbies Piano Room, 1-3pm
Tyalgum Hotel, 1-4pm

Tyalgum Village Market
SATURDAY 25 June, 9am-3pm

A unique country market featuring handcrafted wares, local arts & crafts, foods & preserves, in a delightful garden setting. We have a rich and talented community of artisans and makers in the Northern Rivers, and we enjoy promoting and celebrating local creative industries as our market grows and evolves. Tyalgum Village Market is on the last Saturday of the month and is a Rain or Shine market.

Winter Garden Tours
at the Garden of Light
Last few days, running until 28 June

With these crisp mornings and dry weather we are delighted to announce 2 weeks of Garden tours! Don’t miss out on seeing the Gardens in stunning Autumn tones, and visit the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary. All proceeds from the Tours support the Animal Sanctuary. Tours run Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Bookings:  call – 0488 713 241

The Heart Collectors
Performing from 2-4pm

Beautiful and epic music with an organic, Celtic-inflected lilt of vocals and melody, combining with progressive lyrical wisdom to invite positive change. Four part vocal harmonies, cello, banjo, mandolin, guitar, stomp and bodhran drum come together to collect your hearts. See this band once and you’re forever a fan.
The Heart Collectors – FacebookWebsiteYouTube

Mardi Wilson
Performing from 1-2pm

A raw and authentic one-woman show, twenty-three-year-old musician, Mardi Wilson, is making waves in the industry with her unique indie folk style and soulful lyrics.
Mardi Wilson – FacebookWebsite

Every Thursday is Social Club night

Member’s Dinner Special
choose from
Chicken Parmigiana  $20
Grilled Snapper 
All served with chips & salad, or veg

Includes complimentary glass of wine or beer

Members badge draw
currently up to $300
Goes up $100 if not won, drawn at 7:30pm

Social Club Raffle
Win a carton or standard bottle of spirits plus $50

Complimentary schooner
Drawn every 15 minutes


Mid-week bake

Every Wednesday

Freshly baked Danishes & Croissants

Made from scratch


2 meals for $25
4 meals to choose from
All meals come with free garlic bread
Main menu also available – to order ahead call 02 6679 3229


Mid-week bake

Every Wednesday

Freshly baked Danishes & Croissants

Made from scratch


2 meals for $25
Wednesday 6 July, 5:30-8:00pm

250g Rib on the Bone
served with chips, veg & white sauce

Fish n Chips
with lemon & tartare sauce

Red Thai Chicken Curry
served with rice

Mediterranean Vegetarian Curry
served with rice

All meals come with free garlic bread
Main menu also available – to order ahead call 02 6679 3229

Feel free to view the information below but please check, not everything below is correct at present.
A major redesign is currently taking place!

 The Heart of the Caldera Wellness Festival MAY

Visit the Tyalgum Hall for an immersion in Wellbeing and Healing Art.
Stalls include holistic therapies, natural beauty, massage, energy work, organic foods and healthcare, psychic readings and much, much more!
For more information or to book a stall call Treni Trovato on 0499 915 286.

The O’Heart Festival AUGUST  

The O’Heart Festival is a three-day, Conscious Living-Indie Folk event. This festival is deeply rooted in environmental awareness (alternative energy technologies and sustainability solutions), Wellness (Conscious Living), and live music.

The inspiration behind the Festival is to provide a moment of immersion into a culture of “Opening the Heart”, that is, learning to living on the basis of compassion, love, inclusiveness, environmental awareness and consciously making a difference. It is opening our hearts to our remembrance of what we intuit is possible for humanity. The Festival is the perfect summary of everything that is happening in this tucked away little pocket of mystery and wonder that is called Tyalgum.

It will be beautiful weekend in the foothills of Wollumbin Mount Warning, with yoga workshops, singing workshops, breathing and movement workshops, environmental awareness talks, demonstrations and films, market stalls, special events and healing through sound, and of course, music performances throughout the village over the weekend.


Hearts Aflame Productions




Smokehouse BBQ Sessions

Real wood fired low and slow American style BBQ and smoked meats.

Every Sunday morning the smokers are fired up for an incredible meat-eaters delight. A range of specialty cuts are cooked to perfection by the Smokehouse BBQ and then served in several styles by the Tyalgum General Store.

The Stump grounds feature rustic seating, shady coverings and tall trees.

BYO is welcome.

Serving from 1pm every Sunday

Smokehouse sessions may also take place:
– on Market Day (last Saturday of the month)
– on special events & major holidays through the year (check their page)

Phone: 0414 473 738
Located at The Stump grounds next to the General Store
The Smokehouse BBQ – Facebook

Betty’s Gourmet Kitchen

If you’re staying the night and looking for a frozen meal to take home, Betty is a sensational chef who works from home and feeds half the village! Her cooking is just so good, give her a call and pick up something wonderful to take home.

“Love on a plate” – A retired professional chef, Betty has a passion for cooking and nourishing people that is unparalleled! She offers a delicious range of authentic, home cooked meals – Indian, Chinese, Thai, Russian, Italian and more.

Phone: 02 6679 2287

Betty’s Gourmet Kitchen – Facebook

Limpinwood Lodge

Limpinwood Lodge is set on 9 acres, with three luxury chalets, the owners are passionate about sustainable practices. Each chalet has its own unique style, but all contain the same luxury appointments. You will feel relaxed from the moment you arrive, it is the perfect place to connect with your partner. There are many local eateries and natural attractions to explore.

All chalets include: two person undercover outdoor spa and comfortable private deck with own hooded BBQ. The spacious chalets have a king size bed, wood fire, reverse cycle air conditioning for your comfort. The kitchen has a fridge, microwave, hot plates & and cooking utensils. For entertainment there is a TV, DVDs, Foxtel, games and books. The chalets are surrounded by birds and other animal life.

Optional extras: home cooked meals, and massages, can be arranged at the time of booking. Both are provided in the privacy of your own chalet. For a special occasion we can tailor something for yourself or partner, e.g. champagne and chocolates on arrival.

Tel: (02) 6679 3805


Waterfall Hideout

Private COSY Fully Equipped Creek-side Cabin.

Waterfall Hideout Rainforest Retreat is a delightful piece of paradise, where tranquility meets the lush Northern NSW rainforest….and it’s all yours. This exclusive accommodation is situated on 6 acres of beautiful gardens set in the magnificent Mt Warning Rainforest of Tweed Valley. Relax in your Own Cosy, Fully Equipped & Self Contained Romantic Creek-side Cabin. The Eco Cabin is secluded and private, with your very own Fireplace, Outdoor Volcanic Rock Bath and Waterfall. 

368 Zara Road, Chillingham NSW 2484

Phone: +61 (02) 6679 1939